Music Demo Recording Costs, Custom Music Composition Costs, Producing and Engineering Costs

"You are possibly the most talented producer/engineer/musician I've ever known and I would be honored to work with you."

David Strattford - project manager, marketer, public relations consultant, multimedia specialist



The creative process is at best an extremely slippery concept to quantify. Nonetheless it needs to be sorted out in some fashion as to how it relates to our time and resource usage.

Our favorite option is to give you a single figure based on the amount of time we roughly feel the project should take, based on it's intended final use (commercial release, demo project, etc.) and the skills we bring to the table. This removes the clock watching aspect and allows us to relax and just concentrate on the task at hand with no budget surprises at the end for you, and also, no last minute scrambling and settling for second best. For this fee we will do what it takes to get the job done. Call to arrange a meeting so we can talk about your goals and needs.

Option two is a flat rate of $300* a day based on an 8 hour day. This is for the studio and the engineer only. Any other services - producing, playing, composing etc will have to be negotiated. Again, please arrange to come by and we can work out what best suits your expectations and your budget.

Option three is a flat $50* an hour for the studio and engineer only. Although you won't be dealing with a mute, we will be inclined to "put a sock in it" on issues of creative and conceptual decision making. We realize too that in many situations this is considered an asset.

(* gst not included in rate quote)