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"In almost fifty years of recording, I have been privileged to work with people of outstanding musical and recording ability -- some who are associated with the largest record companies in the world. Brad Steckel is unquestionably in that class."

Duris Maxwell, LL.B / Studio Musician



The overwhelming response to the studio space has been how warm and comfortable it is to be in. We have the control room, an isolation room and a larger room used for horns and live drums that doubles as a lounge. All three are multi-purpose and extremely flexible in their sonic capabilities.


The control room is really the main working area and has been treated with Primeacoustic foam using the current "live end-dead end" theory for listening spaces. The first mixes in the room were sent to James Guthrie (Pink Floyd's engineer) for a possible mastering job by him. His response was that if I wanted, he could extend the highs and lows a little bit, but that the mixes "really didn't need anything". For my money, that was a glowing endorsement for the sound of the place. Considering his towering skills and legendary attention to minutia, I also had to conclude that I was on the right track as a mix engineer too. Thank you James!

Some of our clients' work is done in this studio without them ever visiting here. In this wonderful new era of the online "uni-studio", we no longer really have to go to studio X to have the latest Mr. or Ms. Whizbang

do their thing on our recording project.They do it where they are and fire it off to you. I've done this quite a few times and it really works wonderfully, whether I'm the player or the producer hiring the talent. In a very real sense, we're really all in one big online studio now, 'The Unistudio'. This is exciting stuff!

Take me for instance. (Please! _rimshot!_) If you'd like me to play or sing on your project, just let me know and we can work it out. I do guitars of all sorts and styles, mandolin, banjo, bass (5 string and fretless), keyboard textures as well as lead and/or background vocals. I do a lot of work for The Disney Channel/Southeast Asia for instance, and I'm up here in Calgary, Alberta. Cool no? No matter where you go, there you are!

Nevin Park Perks If you do spend a day or a week with us, you'll find the surrounding amenities nice too. We're located in northwest Calgary among pathways with beautiful views if you need a break with some fresh air & inspirational scenery. Take out restaurants and coffee shops are also within walking distance.

What's in a name? Curious about where "Nevin Park" came from?