Calgary musicians, singers, bands playing at Nevin Park Recording Studio in Calgary

"Brad's tasteful and stylistically perfect guitar playing helped to give the Canadian premiere of "Dreamgirls" the right sound and feel. And his team-player attitude and professionalism made my job, as music director, so much easier. A pleasure to make music together."

Stephen Woodjetts







Here's a bit of news about the recent happenings in (and out of) the studio. The discography page has info about some of these projects and the links page will take you to the artists' websites so please do have a look there too.


March 07 - We are starting a second project for Kennedy O'Brien and Company 125 which will no doubt be called "Two". Can't wait! I am also in the process of assisting Deanna Dubbin with the writing chores for her next release which will be all original songs and should be ready sometime this fall if not sooner. I'm also in the last stages of a demo project for a young singer/songwriter named Allana Reynoldson. Allana caught my ear sometime last year at a talent night I went to. She is a really cool talent and we're almost ready to show her to the world. The Disney Channel recently accepted a little ditty I wrote for them called "Year Of The Piglet" that they even let me sing! I was ably assisted by the beautiful Leah Dubbin-Steckel as well. Now that's fun fun fun! I must mention my trip to Santa Barbara where I got to catch up with a singer/songwriter I met in Seattle in '74 when I was recording at Kay/Smith Studios with Painter. His name is Dana Cooper. He is without a doubt one of the best of the best and if you don't go listen to his music you're crazy!! Dana you are an inspiration and I am honored to be able to call you friend. Cheers bud!! I'll be playing two shows at Stage West this summer too. "Canadian Explosion" (or Ca-boom!) starts in April with dear Bob Foster returning to MD and then "A Closer Walk With Patsy Cline" just in time for stampede. Go figure eh? It'll be a busy summer I think. See you round the hood!

Jan 07 - I recently finished playing a run of the Canadian premiere of "Dreamgirls" at Stage West Calgary. I've been the guitarist there for the last 5 plus years for all the shows that have needed guitar. I was able to work for the excellent Stephen Woodjetts who's musical directing credits in Canada are too long to list here, but include Cabaret and Evita for Theater Calgary and numerous productions for the Stratford Festival in Ontario. Stephen it was an absolute pleasure. Thank you!

October 06 - We finished what I was calling Project KDB, which is in fact now called: "Company 125" and the cd is titled appropriately "One". Among the guests you will hear are Robert Hubele, Deanna Dubbin and my darling daughter and pride of my loins Leah Dubbin-Steckel. It's a pretty darn good record if I say so myself. Good luck boys! I've been remiss in mentioning that over the last couple of years I've been recording and writing off and on for the Disney Channel Southeast Asia in Singapore. This interesting opportunity comes to me by way of the wonderful Edie Tusor from ET Voiceworks in Nanaimo, BC. You hear Edie's voice on lots of stuff too. She's terrific! So thanks for the work Mickey!

  May 06 - The Penguins are done! The Penguins are done! It's called "bye bye wally", it really did turn out nicely and we're all very proud of ourselves! Look for it in a cd rack near you soon. Please! I'm also in the middle of an original project with Kennedy O'Brien and his writing partner Dave Ferguson. So far we're calling it "Project KDB" but it will likely have another name at completion. It's wacky and funny and creative and interesting and challenging all at the same time.

Duane Steele stopped by to sing lead vocals on two demo tracks that my buddy Stefan Hengst wrote. Duane is a great guy, a great singer and really, an Alberta treasure. So is Stefan come to think of it!

Jan 06 - I've been working on a 5 song EP for Kathy Shane which we finished recently with Kathy singing and me doing the other bits with the more than able assistance of Richard Erickson's bass on a couple of songs. The local soft jazz station in town California 103 seems to like the product so much they've started to play it quite regularly…all of it! It's nice to be liked isn't it? Congratulations Kathy. Nicely done. Work on the Penguins continues. It's a large contingent of players and is often hard to get enough available at the same time because of their other professional commitments. Nonetheless we are making progress and good progress at that!

March 05 - I recently finished Robert Hubele's "Three Little Words" cd. As well as having Amos Garrett and David Wilkie, we were joined by Eric Boseman and Kit Johnson on drums and bass, the excellent Michael Dangelmaier on occasional keys and one of Canada's finest, Eddie Barlow on soprano sax. These folks were just a joy to have in the studio. Real pros indeed! Thanks fellers and thank you again Robert! We've also started work on a cd of original material by Calgary jump and swing mainstays the "Penguins On Broadway". I really think this project will be the best thing they've ever done to date and will have long time "Guin" fans cheering for their exciting new sound. At least that's the plan so far!  

December 04 - Just finished the final mixes for Deanna Dubbin's latest project "With One More Look At You" due for release soon I guess. Lots' of wonderful players like Kristian Alexandrov, Andy Erickson and Ben Harries, as well as some truly great songs. Deanna never fails to deliver stunning vocals. It's been just plain wonderful to be a part of. Also currently in the middle of a new project (my fourth) with Robert Burton Hubele. We've been lucky to have Amos Garrett and David Wilkie in to do what they do so well on a few of Robert's tracks. More as it happens!

  July 04 - I had an interesting call from a friend of a friend that wanted to know if it was all right if Debra Winger phoned me. I said yes. She did. Debra and her husband Arliss Howard were in town shooting a movie called "Dawn Anna". Ron Sexsmith was coming to town and was looking for a studio to record some quick demos of a few pieces he was pitching to them for the film. Was it ok if he came here to Nevin Park because I was highly recommended and all that? I said yes. He did. Consequently I got to spend two days with the wonderfully creative and ridiculously talented Ron Sexsmith. Ain't showbiz great?!? He thought I was "cool". Wow! I reciprocate the thought.