Jingle writer, Composer, Singer, Audio Engineer and Producer - Brad Steckel

"Everyone at Disney LOVES your Piglet song. The producer told us it was a treat to work with a soundtrack that's so much fun and sounds "fresh"! They said it inspired them to make an exceptional effort when editing the promo. They love you. We love you. Everyone loves you!"

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What's your mission? Delivering a marketing message that will win customers and advertising awards? Taking a video project over the top with sound that intensifies the visual images? Creating a multi-media presentation that will open the wallets of investors? We get it. We know the power of music.


A sampling of our capabilities ...
Businesses Building a winning formula for your business takes real effort. Delivering your corporate message the way you intended it takes the talented brains, hands and eyes of a lot of people. Let us be the ears.
Film Makers Nevin Park Recording can be your creative counterpart in the music department.
Videographers Got the picture? Integrating the dimension of music where and how you envision is a crucial element to the whole package. Nevin Park Recording is up to the challenge.

We've compiled a few varied examples of the kinds of services, results and styles available here at Nevin Park Recording. There is a section focusing on background vocals. Some are soloed for closer inspection and some are with their respective tracks. The female voice you hear on some of the excerpts is the wonderful Deanna Dubbin (www.deannadubbin.com), the rest are Brad Steckel only. There are also three medleys of some of the artists we've produced, as well as two featuring some of the assorted stylistic flavors we can turn out.


Kathy Shane excerpts: All instruments (but drums), as well as male voices are performed by Brad Steckel.

Company 125 excerpts: All instruments (but drums) are performed by Brad Steckel

Penguins On Broadway excerpts: All guitars, electric bass, mandolin, some keys, some additional composing and gang background vocals performed by Brad Steckel.

Acoustic medley: Featuring: Robert Hubele, Deanna Dubbin and Kevin Hataley. All background vocals, most instruments (except drums and bass on Robert Hubele excerpt and nylon string guitar played by Kevin Hataley on his excellent piece - "Lay Love") are performed by Brad Steckel. The last piece is a version of Danny Boy played on a 1925 Paramount "Style A" tenor banjo that was played at the funeral of the banjo's former owner, who gave it to Brad.

Miscellaneous Compliation:: There is a low tuned rock guitar section, a "Respect" bed track, a demo song (featuring Keith White and Deanna Dubbin) written by Deanna for a Michael Jackson movie soundtrack, and an excerpt of a bed track we made for the song "You Raise Me Up" featuring the massive multi-tracked backgound vocals of the excellent Deanna Dubbin's 'Choir Of One' plus Brad.

Background Vocals: Selections 6 through 13 ...


Now that you've had a listen, let's have a talk too. Get in touch to discuss what you have in mind. We'd be happy to hear from you.