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"Brad Steckel is a great musician who has built a large repertoire of musical skills from his prodigious talent on the guitar. I have enjoyed playing with Brad as well as being produced and engineered on various recordings. He gets great tones and keeps the environment relaxed yet efficient. A rare combination that makes the experience creative, fun and on budget."

John Hyde - bassist, President Calgary Musicians' Association AFM Local 547








We are proud to support the performers we work with and our colleagues in the business who make it possible to do what we do at Nevin Park. Here are some websites for you to enjoy. - If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have one radio station, this is it. CKUA is a golden treasure in a bleak landscape of mediocrity. They support artists that no one else does and deserve our support in return. Please do!" - I've known Dana Cooper for about 33 years. He remains one of the most talented singer songwriters I've ever met. He's the real thing. - A truly amazing singer and talent. Beautiful inside and out. We're in the planning stages for another project too. Now that's cool! - Quirky interesting lyrics from the pen of Kennedy O'Brien assisted by the solid and stoic Dave Ferguson and his guitar. It was a pleasure to work on this project and to have the fellas let me in on it a bit. We're starting on number two too! - Jesse is a powerhouse I've known since he was just a youngster. He's gone on to be music editor of Guitar Player Magazine, a noted educator with numerous published works and he currently plays guitar for Todd Rundgren and Tony Levin. We're very proud of our Jesse. - I was fortunate to have Ron in my studio for two days working on some demo songs for a movie being shot in Calgary by Debra Winger and her husband Arliss Howard. I can't say enough about how talented this man is. - I've produced four projects for Robert to date. He always brings his unique blend of rootsy folksy jazzy bluesy music mixed with interesting real life stories sung with a wonderfully gruff voice. Always a pleasure! - The "Guins" have been playing for just around 20 years and finally decided to do a project of all original music. By a stroke of great fortune for me, they approached me to produce it. We all seem happy with the results. I would do it again too if asked! - I met Charlie a number of years ago at trade show when I was working for QSound. Charlie was a guest artist presenter for Digidesign at the show and I was blown away at how good he was. He still is. Go see for yourself! - I've made three cds with these wacky talented creative fellas. I laughed and laughed and laughed. Just totally fab! - Kathy approached me to help her do a little project for her mom. It bloomed into something that a local radio station liked so much they're still playing all five songs. We need to do more I think. Nice stuff. - Sometimes you just stumble across an artist that is so good you have to talk about them. Sue Leonard is one of those. You hear her on kd lang songs and many others as well. You need to go listen for yourself. No, really. Go! - Kevin is an up and coming guitarist composer I've been lucky to get to work with. He's had a number of his songs recorded by other artists and is a very creative guy. Yay Kev!! - This singer songwriter I recently met in Santa Barbara. Kate is a wonderful force of nature and a fiercely creative woman. As well as her guitar/singing/songwriting/performing/teaching activities, she is also behind a concert series of guest singer/songwriters in Santa Barbara called Trinity Backstage. Yes there is a site for that too. It's a wonderful venue with a terrific and attentive audience and the performers really get to shine.