Nevin Park Recording Studio for Music and Musicians in Calgary - Brad Steckel

"Most impressed by Brad's project vision, his leadership skills and the manner in which he communicated with us in the studio. I never once heard Brad say, "Oh that track SHOULD do". His attention to detail and the fact he "truly" cared about our project, gave us the confidence that allowed us to relax and do what we do best, and that's play.

Brad McIntosh, Top Bird - Penguins On Broadway -








Having worked in various capacities on many recording projects, Brad Steckel has a thorough understanding of the intricacies of the process from behind the controls, the voice, the instrument and the artists themselves. These experiences allow him to bring together the various elements with creative understanding and technical skill. Whether you are embarking on your first or fifteenth recording project, Brad's talent, knowledge, commitment and experience will lift your project to the highest level possible.



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Company 125   One   producer/engineer/artist

Robert Burton Hubele   Three Little Words   producer/engineer/artist
    The Human Heart (live)   producer/engineer/artist
    Halfway To Everywhere   producer/engineer/artist
    When The Sky Falls   producer/engineer/artist

Deanna Dubbin   With One More Look At You   producer/engineer/artist

Ron Sexsmith   Demo songs for Debra Winger   engineer

Penguins On Broadway   bye bye wally   producer/engineer/artist

The Heebee-Jeebees   FaLaLaLaLa   producer/engineer
    Heebee-Jeebee TV    
    Under The Mistletoe    

Kathy Shane   5 song EP   producer/engineer/artist

Mark Murphy w/ Benny Green   Dim The Lights   engineer

Robert Nerbus   Nerbus Rex   mix engineer

Stefan Hengst/Brad Steckel   Music Of The Mountains   artist

Sting   The Soul Cages   QSound tech

Madonna   Immaculate Collection   QSound tech

Luther Vandross   Power Of Love   QSound tech

Julian Lennon   Help Yourself   QSound tech

Paula Abdul   Spellbound   QSound tech

Freddie Jackson   Do Me Again   QSound tech