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"I have had the good fortune of working with Brad Steckel many times, both on the stage and in the studio. His talent as a guitar player is unsurpassed, his vocals superb, and his instincts for laying down just the right part bang on. He did both the vocals and many guitar parts on my CD "Waiting for the Sun", and played a big part in its success at radio. Rest assured, your recording project will be in good hands!"

Val LeRoy, singer, songwriter




As outlined on the Discography page, artists who turn to Brad Steckel for his expertise include those that are at the top of the charts, young rising talent and many in between. .


Even if your project is still under development, get in touch now. The planning process should include selecting a recording studio that provides the right mix of talent, atmosphere and technicial capabilities for your project. Talk to us. Come by and hang out for a bit. Check out the space and get to know Brad. Having this important piece of the puzzle in place can provide inspiration and confidence while you gear up for recording. Brad's early involvement in your project will contribute to a smooth flowing, enjoyable experience.

If you're longing to have your talent launched into the marketplace we can help you get started. Just getting introduced to the recording atmosphere? We'll make you comfortable, show you the ropes, help you prepare and provide all of the input you need. With the right resources your dream is within reach.

Advances in technology have opened new pathways in the production of music and Nevin Park Recording is moving right in step with these advances. If you are working with a recording studio closer to home, you can still use the talents of Nevin Park, no matter where you are in the world. Need guitar overdubs? Background vocals? Our studio capabilities go beyond the limitations of geography so you can have the best product and musicianship possible. Get in touch to find out how we seemlessly combine your talents with ours to take your project to the next level.

Instruction. I have had my share of experience teaching guitar and although I can't say I've always enjoyed it, I do still have a deep passion for playing after forty years of it. So let's say you already have a certain aptitude for the instrument and are looking to expand your skill level in a certain style, or would like to fill in some of those gray areas you're unsure of, or would like to pull your old guitar out of mothballs and start having fun with it again. I would be interested in taking you on as a student as our schedules permit. I do have a fair bit of experience as a live player, a studio musician and a theater musician and have developed abilities in quite a wide variety of styles. And if nothing else, I do have my way of doing it. Get in touch and we'll see "where you're at" and where you'd like to get to, and whether I think I can help you down the path.